functional AND practical AND colorful!

smooth, prong-free mountings, with sturdy, durable stones
for everyday wear or your busy, athletic days off....

     14kt yellow gold ring with Sapphires -- assorted natural colors.

14kt gold ring with Pink Tourmaline & diamonds.

14kt white gold ring with London Blue Topaz.


Extremely light and indestructible TITANIUM ring  inlaid with 18kt yellow gold and channel set diamonds.


14kt white and yellow gold hinged earrings with hammerset diamonds

14kt yellow gold ring without stones.

14kt white gold ring with Baguette Cut tricolor Watermelon Tourmaline 


14kt white and yellow gold interlocking 3-band wedding set with bezel set diamonds and sapphire .


As always, we highly recommend that you have your jewelry checked and inspected ... we will be glad to do so for you while you wait.

After cleaning, we will check for any missing stones;  inspect each stone for tightness; and  look for chips, nicks and breakage.
Prongs, shanks and mountings will be inspected for wear and cracks.
If repairs are needed, we will make suggestions and discuss possible options with you.

Click here for more information on having your jewelry repaired.

Click here for more information on having jewelry designed





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