MARCH  2003
(photographs below with some of our new pieces.... please be patient while they load.....)

ellow Gold White Gold Platinum Titanium
Selecting the right precious metal color and gemstone color
is just like choosing the correct shade of makeup or clothing.

Everyone has a distinct complexion that's best complemented by certain colors and hues.  
These various groups have been defined by seasonal category: 
winter, spring, summer, and fall.

What we generally recommend:
The warm tones of Yellow Gold for autumn & spring skin tones &
the cooler tones of White Gold, Platinum & Titanium for winter & summer complexions.
Or mixed metal jewelry using both white & yellow metals, with emphasis on the color that works best for your coloring.

Together, we can design the right piece of jewelry for you that represents your own personal style.

A photo gallery of Voyagers Jewelry Design creations 
follows below:

And as always, the Voyagers can check the following 
while you wait:

1. Prongs on rings; to be sure they are still strong and secure. 
Each piece will be examined with a jeweler's loop or microscope.

2. Clasps on bracelets to be sure they are working properly.

3. Links on necklaces to be sure they aren't wearing too thin.

4.  And finally, cleaning and polishing to return the bright, shiny, clean appearance to your jewelry and gems.

Click here for more information on having your jewelry repaired.

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