functional AND practical.....

smooth, prong-free mountings
for everyday wear or your busy, athletic days off....

Peridot is the gemstone for the month of August.
Colors range from light yellowish green to darker, richer shades of olive. .Peridot conjures images of young spring grass or the green of a rich, dark forest at twilight.



As always, we highly recommend that you have your jewelry checked and inspected ... we will be glad to do so for you while you wait.

After cleaning, we will check for any missing stones;  inspect each stone for tightness; and  look for chips, nicks and breakage.
Prongs, shanks and mountings will be inspected for wear and cracks.
If repairs are needed, we will make suggestions and discuss possible options with you.

Click here for more information on having your jewelry repaired.

Click here for more information on having jewelry designed





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