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MARCH 2006

Comfort, Quality and Style.... with a fresh approach....

That's what we recommend for all your jewelry...
your wedding rings,
 your favorite 'every-day' pieces (ring, necklace, earrings, bracelet)
and even those special-event pieces

The traditional birthstone for the month of March is AQUAMARINE.
Aquamarine is the blue-green variety of the mineral beryl (Emerald is the green variety of beryl).  
The word Aquamarine comes from the Latin word for 'sea water'.
Aquamarine is believed to 'conquer all wickedness'.  It is also a symbol of happiness and eternal youth.

A few of our Aquamarine creations are shown below......

We will help choose the right piece for you.
Our cases are filled with many different creations, 
or we can work together to create a design 
specifically for you, your taste, and your lifestyle.

Platinum, yellow gold, white gold, or sterling silver jewelry
with a choice of many gemstones ~ 
an amazing spectrum of stones from diamonds to colored precious gems,
  or crystals, pearls or beads.

Try one of our new extremely lightweight & durable Titanium Rings.
Checkout all new photos in the
  TITANIUM  rings link.

 And as always, the Voyagers can check the following 
while you wait:

1. Prongs on rings; to be sure they are still strong and secure. 
Each piece will be examined with a jeweler's loop or microscope.

2. Clasps on bracelets to be sure they are working properly.

3. Links on necklaces to be sure they aren't wearing too thin.

4.  And finally, cleaning and polishing to return the bright, shiny, clean appearance to your jewelry and gems.

Click here for more information on having your jewelry repaired.

Click here for more information on having jewelry designed



Cambridge Blue Jay Logo Pendant, Pin or TieTac

available in 14kt Yellow or White gold ($298 & $128)
or in Sterling Silver ($38 or $28)


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