As gardens turn green, the purple of Iris to the deep pink's of Bleeding Hearts bloom - we know summer is here

Voyagers Jewelry Tip of the Month:
Alexandrite ( the birthstone for June) is a  rare gemstone named after the
Russian tsar Alexander II (1818-1881);
having been discovered in April 1834,it is a relatively young gemstone.

The most sensational feature about this stone, however, is its surprising ability to change color.
bluish-green in daylight, alexandrite turns a soft shade of red, purplish-red or raspberry red in artificial light.
The mysterious color change will only occur on exposure to different light sources, and makes it one of the most valuable gemstones of all, especially in fine qualities

  It is considered a stone of very good omen. In critical situations it is supposed to strengthen the wearer’s intuition, and thus help one find new ways forward in situations where logic will not provide an answer. Alexandrite is also reputed to aid creativity and inspire the imagination.

Alexandrite and Pearl are,
June's birthstones
click here to learn about Pearls


(for a full list of birthstones by month click here)

Don't forget the special ones in your life
Father's Day is June 19th...

Whether you like the warm elegance of Yellow Gold
prefer the cool allure of White Gold or Platinum
 combine them both with a bi-color jewelry design... 

Traditional or Contemporary...
Dramatic or Understated.....

Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Remount and Redesign 

- Unique and Custom creations are Voyagers specialty -  
unlike most jewelers, we do all work in house and are able to work with existing pieces to  make them "new" again from a good cleaning and polishing  to adding stones or reusing a part of the old design to create a new piece. This ability to create brand new from scratch, innovative designs, to reusing and redesigning existing pieces allows Voyagers to be your personal and full service jewelers.  We do free estimates for any design.


As always, we recommend that you regularly have your jewelry checked & inspected.   We can do that while you wait ... as well as keep your jewelry sparkling & clean.....
After cleaning, we will check for any missing stones;  inspect each stone for tightness; and  look for chips, nicks and breakage.
Prongs, shanks and mountings will be inspected for wear and cracks.
If repairs are needed, we will make suggestions and discuss possible options with you.

Click here for more information on having your jewelry repaired.

Click here for more information on having jewelry designed



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