These are just a few " Fun Facts" about gemstones and jewelry we have highlighted in past "monthly tips" be sure to check back for additions.

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Inclusions in gemstones:
Inclusions are one of the most important factors when it comes to gem valuation. In many gemstones, such as diamonds, inclusions affect the clarity of the stone, diminishing the stone's value. In some stones, however, such as emeralds, tourmalines and  star sapphires, the inclusion actually increases the value of the stone. Inclusions are interior characteristics, usually other minerals, water, or gas.

Chatham gemstones:
Genuine Chatham lab created emeralds are real emeralds. They are not fakes, faux or imitation gemstones. The natural processes of nature were recreated in the Chatham Research Labs in order to create these synthetic emeralds. These Chatham emeralds have the same optical and chemical properties of the natural gems and they are composed of the same natural elements. All emeralds have telltale inclusions locked in each stone. Only the trained eye of a gemologist can distinguish the subtle variations between a Chatham Created Emerald and one grown naturally in the earth.  All Chatham gemstone follow this description.

How Opals are made:
The history of Australian Opal began actually millions of years ago, when parts of Australia were covered by a vast inland sea, and stone sediment was deposited along its shoreline. When the water masses flooded back, they flushed water containing silica into the resulting cavities and niches in the sedimentary rocks. Slowly the silica stone transformed into Opal, or, to be more precise:
Opals are a gel from silica, with varying percentages of water.

Pearl Care:
While pearls are remarkably resilient and we recommend that they be worn as often as possible, these gems will also respond to special care.  Occasionally clean the pearls gently with mild soapy water or purchased pearl cleaning liquid.  Then rinse the cloth in  fresh  water and wipe the pearls clean.
Dry them with a soft cloth.

Other tips to pearl care:

Wait until after applying makeup, perfume and hairspray to put on the jewelry. As a rule put pearls on last when dressing and take them off first when undressing.

Protect your pearls from rubbing against harder gems / surfaces.

before putting pieces away, wipe with soft cloth.

For storage, keep pearl jewelry wrapped in a soft cloth and protected from abrasive objects.

Strands will need restringing from time to time.  We recommend that you have your stands examined annually by a  jeweler.

What color Gold is best for you:
With the variety of gold shades available, it is important to understand the relationship between women's (and men's) coloring and the color gold she wears.  Below are the four "coloring" groups; find your own coloring description,  then read on for your best complementary colors (clothing and gemstones, as well as the most attractive  precious metals for you to wear)





Coloring: Skin color is warm with golden undertones. Hair and eyes are medium to dark; usually brown or auburn hair. Coloring: Skin color has cool, bluish undertones. eye color varies, but hair is dark, especially black, dark brown or
Coloring: Skin color is warm with golden undertones.  Fair to medium colored hair and pale, light eye colors.  usually blonde, strawberry blonde or golden brown hair. Coloring: skin color has a cool bluish base and hair is platinum blonde, light brown or gray.
Best Colors: warm colors with earth tones work best.  think fall landscape of amber, rust, brown, olive green & caramel. Best Colors: strong, vivid colors with high contrast: red, royal blue, and green are popular. Best Colors: Soft colors work best : pastels, along with warm neutrals. Best Colors: Cool shades like mauve or slate blue and cool neutrals like charcoal.
Best Gold: yellow gold works best. Best Gold: two-tone or bi-color white and yellow gold. Best Gold: yellow gold, but also with
rose gold is a good combination.
Best Gold: White gold.
(or bi-color with white & yellow)




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