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Let the Voyagers be your guide to  selecting the quality Diamond that best suits your needs; because like fingerprints, no two Diamonds are the same. |

Our G. I. A. trained staff will personally lead you through the steps to learning about quality diamonds and can also provide estate and insurance appraisals.

(Gemological Institute of America)


THE  4  C's......
Like two fingerprints
, two Diamonds that look alike at first may, in fact, be very different.  Two Diamonds of equal size can have very unequal values.  To understand these differences is to understand the 4 C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat-weight.
At The Voyagers, our experienced staff will be happy to educate you on the 4C’s and answer any questions you may have.

THE FIRST C  ~  CUT....we will show how proportions effect the brilliance of a  Diamond.  The cut of a Diamond effects more than just its shape. Ideal Cut Diamonds have strict guidelines for the way each facet is cut into the stone in order to produce the most brilliance.
....using the microscope, we will explain the identifying characteristics (fingerprints) of the Diamonds; also known as inclusions.  There are eleven clarity grades that are used to judge Diamonds.  All of the grades are judged under a microscope at ten power.  We also stock certified G.I.A. diamonds.
Click here for information about the Gemological Institute of America -- where the standards for the jewelry industry are set.

THE THIRD C  ~  COLOR....we will even show you the Diamond’s color with several comparison Diamonds.  Diamonds are available in almost every color of the rainbow; and when that color is intense, the value of the Diamond grows. However, when a Diamond has a hint of color, such as brown or yellow, that detracts from value of the Diamond.

THE FOURTH C  ~  CARAT weight....The Voyagers carries a wide range Diamond sizes to help you best select the carat weight for your needs.  A good reminder for carat weight is bigger is not always better.


Contact Voyagers Designers today to select the quality Diamond that best suits your needs
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 The limits to designing a piece of jewelry are your imagination.  We also have a wide selection of jewelry in our store, which you can use for ideas and inspiration.  As we truly enjoy finding out about  your likes and dislikes; we listen to you to find out what you really want; custom designing becomes an easy process.    The Voyagers want to help you make that special, one-of-a-kind piece.           click here to see more wedding ring designs


Cut By Gauge® Lucére® Diamond  is a mixed-cut stone combining the crown of an emerald cut with a pavilion similar to that of a round.  The table and depth percentages are standardized to ensure consistency which results in very brilliant stones.   It is a perfect blend of the brilliance of a round diamond yet in a square shape; a  Cut By Gauge® Lucére® Diamond is uniquely proportioned for maximum Brilliance and Beauty.     




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